Vancouver USA Marathon Regrettably Cancels Race Due to Low PreRegistrations

VUM Festival Will Reevaluate In 2018

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Vancouver USA Marathon Regrettably Cancels Race Due to Low PreRegistrations

Unfortunately, due to high cost, low numbers, and a tough competitive local race market, the Vancouver USA Marathon (VUM) will not occur in 2017. VUM Race Director Brian Davis stated: “it has always been my goal and dream to create an event that the community could enjoy and love; an annual event for participants, volunteers and families; an event that made my children and family proud not only in the northwest, but right here in the city of Vancouver. Our ‘hidden gem of the northwest’ has been a memorable marathon weekend that took many years to build and create. However, after careful consideration for several weeks and reviewing the finances, we have decided to cancel this year’s race, regroup, and reevaluate for 2018.”

VUM has typically had around 3,000+ participants each year and now with just a month out from race day, our pre-registration is about 65% less than that number. Mr. Davis states: “Our 2016 course mistake (shortened distance) really hurt us and our credibility. This has jeopardized the future of the race and is reflected in the low pre-registration. We are not the only race/event having challenges and more and more come into the market and it cannibalizes on the rest, like us, and has led to our cancelation.”

The VUM team has reached out to local community members and leaders, businesses and sponsors to try and save the event (even the City of Vancouver). However, no entity could come up with the funds or have a clear strategy on how to market the race to increase the low numbers. Unfortunately, much of the pre-registration fees have been used in marketing, deposits, and operational overhead which will cause refunds to be a challenge. Our plan is to issue partial refunds. I’ve reached out to others in the industry to determine if I’ll be able to provide complimentary entries into equivalent events. I will have a list of those events by the close of business today.

Davis states, “I am so sorry and I apologize for this letdown and inconvenience. I love Vancouver and the local running community who has supported me all these years. I have spent most of my life in this city and have spent countless hours in the community with my events and many others. I understand participants’ frustration and disappointment and hope they will give some grace in this process.”

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