Traffic Conditions

To ensure your safety, Vancouver USA Marathon is taking the proper steps. Please refer to the below information before your race this weekend! Questions or concerns: [hidden email]

KEY INTERSECTIONS expect delays and detours

Please read thoroughly

Downtown Area – Start & Finish is Columbia between 6th & 8th. The 42 foot truss (start line) covers the entire Columbia Street. Race Shoot: 8th Street form Broadway to Esther. Closed from: 6am to 2pm. MAIN ACCESS NORTH & SOUTH: Broadway

Fourth Plain & Mill Plain – All traffic traveling East on Mill Plain will be diverted on Fourth Plain from 7am to 9:30am Frenchman’s / Bar Vancouver Lake – One-Way Traffic will be controlled by a pace car and flaggers, from Vancouver Lake area (Lower River Road) to the entrance of Frenchman’s Bar.

Uptown Vancouver – Main Street from McLoughlin to 25th street will be CLOSED from: 7am to 1pm. McLoughlin has limited access from Fort Vancouver Way to Franklin

Mill Plain & Fort Vancouver Way – CLOSED and operated by Vancouver PD from: 8:00 to 12:30pm – All West-bound traveler’s heading down Mill Plain will be diverted North to Fourth Plain. All Eastbound traffic on Mill Plain will be directed on I-5 North on-ramp.

Fort Vancouver Turnaround / Evergreen & 5th Street / Park Road – CLOSED from: 8:30am to 1pm. (This area is Mile 16 of the course, and also Mile 25 of the 26.2 Miles).

Fred Meyer Grand Central / Columbia House & Grand Blvd – 3 Flaggers & 1 VPD Officer. Open/Expect Delays from 8:30am to 1pm Evergreen Blvd from Shorewood drive & 5th Street – One Way Traffic on the West Bound – 2 Flaggers, one at each end moving traffic back and forth – Open/Expect Delays: 8:30am to 1:30pm

Wintler Park & Access – Closed: 8:30am 1:30pm

Columbia Way & Columbia House – 3 Flaggers, Open/Expect Delays: 9am to 2pm

Beaches & McMenimns Area – 2 Flaggers, Open/Expect Delays: 9am to 2pm

Landbridge Entrance & Columbia Way – 2 Flaggers, Open/Expect Delays: 9am to 2pm


  • I-5 Mill Plain Exit (both North & South)
  • I-5 City Center (6th Street)
  • Broadway Street Downtown (North & South) – Downtown & Uptown
  • Hwy 14 Exits
  • Most Downtown Streets

Saturday Road Closures

The Freedom 5K will start at Esther Short Park (in the park) not on the road

10am to 10:15am

  • Runners /Walkers will head East on 6th Street from Columbia to Main Street
  • Proceed up Main Street (North) to Evergreen Blvd
  • All Runners/Walkers will need to stay on the South Walkway of Evergreen Blvd to Officer Row
  • Start line to Evergreen will be shut down for approximately 15 minutes

10:00am – 11:00am

  • Columbia Shores/Landbridge Entrance – 2 flaggers
  • Cars will be bumped through in between runners/walkers

10:00am – 11:30am

  • Columbia & 6th Street (Flagger will be in position from 10am – 11:30am)
  • Cars will be stopped for all finishers
  • All runners/Walkers will be on the walkway on Columbia non on the street

All races will be done by 11:30am!

Best Entrances for Vancouver Hilton and Race Area are via Mill Plain Blvd & I-5.

  • Travel West to Columbia & head south to 6th Street
  • Vancouver Farmers Market is Open from 9am – 3pm
  • Roads are Closed between 6th & 8th on Esther

Sunday Road Closures

5am to 2pm (Course is Open to Participants for 7 hours)

  • Granted the City of Vancouver will open up roads earlier based on occupancy the area. Course managers will use their best judgment on opening roads earlier. For instance, Mile 10 will not be open until 2pm, because the amount of time to finish is unrealistic. We will do our best to keep the runners/walkers safe and at the same time keeping the City of Vancouver moving.

Please listen to all course managers and the VUM Team.

5am to 8am – Best Travel to the event

  • FROM: I-5 North take City Center Exit
  • FROM: I-5 South take the Mill Plain exit


  • C-Street & Broadway is CLOSED (from 6th to Evergreen)
  • Northbound (City Center Exit) travelers should consider Mill Plain Exit for less congestion

5am – 2pm

  • CLOSED: START LINE & RACE SHOOT: (Start Line is on Columbia between 6th & 8th)
  • CLOSED: 6th to 8th (Columbia) – Esther to Broadway on 8th
  • CLOSED: 9th Street (Daniels to Broadway) South & Northbound traffic
  • CLOSED: 6th street (Columbia to Broadway) No Northbound traffic

BUMP THROUGH: vehicles will be allowed on Broadway North & South between 6th & 9th

  • CLOSED: Westbound on 6th from Columbia to Esther (turner around) - Eastbound on 6th will be OPEN
  • Access to the Vancouver Hilton will be via Esther & Columbia)

6:30am – 7:15am

  • CLOSED: Franklin (8th to Mill Plain) – start of FULL Marathon

8:15am to 8:45am

  • CLOSED: FRANKLIN (8th to Mill Plain) – start of Half Marathon
  • CLOSED: 12th (Franklin to Esther)
  • CLOSED: Esther (12th to 13th)
  • CLOSED: 13th (Esther to Lincoln)

8:30am – 9:20am

    • CLOSED: Mill Plain & Franklin – (Half & Full Merge)

After the above start times – all of ESTHER & FRANKLIN will be OPEN to the public (Except for the Farmers Market closure on Esther between 6th & 8th)

5am to 1pm

  • CLOSED: Main Street (from McLoughlin to 25th Street)
  • CLOSED: C-Street (from Mclouglin to 25th Street)
    • Broadway will be open for travel North & South Bound – Flagger at 25th & Broadway


7am – 12pm

  • Fourth Plain & Mill Plain – 3 Flaggers
  • Lower River Road & Frenchman’s Bar – 1 Flagger
  • McLoughlin & Franklin/Daniels/Columbia/Washington – Flaggers
  • McLoughlin & C-Street – 2 Flaggers
  • Fort Vancouver Way & Mill Plain – Officer & Flaggers Support 4

8:30am – 2pm

  • Officers Row & Fort Vancouver Way – 2 Flaggers
  • Fred Meyer Grand Central / the Rock – 1 Flagger
  • Grand & Columbia Shores – 3 Flaggers
  • Evergreen Blvd / Shorewood Drive – 2 Flaggers
  • Shorewood Drive / Beach Drive – 1 Flagger
  • Columbia Way/Columbia House – 4 Flaggers
  • Columbia Street / Landbridge – 2 Flaggers

Easy Access to:

  • I-5 North/Southbound via Mill Plain East Bound/West Bound
  • I-5 Southbound Only via 5th Street & Washington (no Northbound access)
  • I-5 Northbound - Columbia Way East to Columbia House / Take HW14 West to I-5

Best Entrances for Vancouver Hilton and Race Area

Mill Plain Blvd & I-5

  • Travel West to Columbia take Left & head south to 9th (one block from start)

From the EAST or NORTH - HWY 14 to Columbia Way

  • West on Columbia Way to Vancouver Hilton on 5th & 6th

***Vancouver Farmers Market is Open from 10am – 3pm (Roads are Closed between 6th & 8th on Esther)